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Safe Seal Wrap was created with input from shrink wrap installers around the globe. Recognising that different countries present different conditions, we set out to develop a product that would withstand our world’s harshest elements and varied climatic conditions.

After already increasing tensile strength, and with additional UV inhibitors, the product was Beta tested in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. It was then perfected with the input and feedback from installers in our chosen test locations, and the collective expertise of our manufacturer’s network of

Canada, New Zealand, and Dubai were selected, and over 250,000m2/ 2.7 million ft2 of Safe Seal Wrap was successfully installed over 12 months, in temperatures from -15° to 45° Celsius, and conditions ranging from dry, to light rain.

As a result it was established that our wrap not only shrinks more, offers increased durability and longevity, but is also easier to weld and shrink in the wet.


Quality Products That Work

Safe Seal Wrap partners with one of the leading European products of masterbatches and agricultural films. This gives us a solid international connection with plants throughout the world. We help businesses from various industries get the shrink wrap products they need for success, from scaffolding and construction markets to environmental protection, asset protection and marine sectors. Our distributor list is growing to span the world, ask to join our distribution team today. Safe Seal Wrap specializes in shrink wrap and scaffold enclosure product.

Successful cases we've done

At Safe Seal Wrap, we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of all our customers. We serve businesses of various sizes across a variety of industries.

Through strategic planning and years of industry experience, we bring customers innovative products that stand the test of time. Our brand is constantly growing and improving to meet industry standards and bring you the best results.

Quality is our priority, and we work hard to ensure you get the best shrink wrap products the industry can offer. We strive to deliver the highest quality at affordable prices, never sacrificing strength and durability for lower costs.

We use our international connections with manufacturing plants worldwide to ensure faster delivery times, lower costs, and lower minimum order size requirements. You’ll get the shrink wrap products you need when you need them.

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